Tybo, properly known as Tom Allen, was born on the 28th October 1997. He began writing scripts in 2007 - however his first official series was AOALT an SJA Fanfic Series. He is the founder of the DWO Fanfic Wiki and The Idea Bank. In his day to day life he is an aspiring singer - failing that he wishes to pursue Law.


AOALT was Tybo's first series - and was launched in November 2009 with the Pilot episode A New Face on Bannerman Road; it was then followed by Series One in 2010. The cast originally compromised of Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra and Kyle Smythe - however original TV characters were soon dropped as the series officially became an alternative SJA series. It was inspired by the original SJASS script series that ran on DWO, however as of 2013 it stands as the only SJA series running. Series 2 followed in 2010, and Series 3 aired in 2011 - which was a turning point for the series as it reintroduced Kyle Smythe aswell as his girlfriend (later wife) Bethany - Series 4 and 5 then continued the trend of original characters with Darryl Stockton joining, however Kyle and Bethany took a reduced role after the Series 3 finale "The Lady In White".

Area 51Edit

Area 51 will be Tybo's second series - and is due to be launched in July 2013 with a Pilot episode currently entitled Masquerade. The series will star Canton Everett Delaware III and his special opps team as they investigate extra-terrestrial threats, and keep them hidden from the people of America - aswell as some more human stories concerning the issues of terrorism, fraud, and burglaries. Series One is expected to air in Autumn 2013.


Tybo loves music with him citing Cheryl Cole, Beyonce and Katy Perry as his favourite performers. He performs in local events in his community - such as the school's talent show, X Factor, and charity events.

Here is a list of just some of the songs he has performed.

List of songs Tom has performed
Charlie Brown Coldplay
Candy Robbie Williams
Chasing Cars Snow Patrol
Get Lucky Daft Punk
Greatest Day Take That
Fireflies Owl City

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