Time Vortex Title Card

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Time Vortex
Current Doctor The Eleventh Doctor
Current Companion(s) Sally Sparrow
No of Series 2
No of Episodes 12 (5 more planned)
Created by Bradley Young
Past Companions Nasreen Chaudhury, Zac Sykes
Notable Enemies The Witches of Darkside
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Time Vortex is a Doctor Who fan fiction series that depicts the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor and his time travelling companions, currently freelance photographer Sally Sparrow. The first series was released in June 2011, followed by a second that started in late 2012.

Series One (2011)Edit

Series One features the return of Sally Sparrow and Nasreen Chaudhury, the latter being introduced in 2010's The Hungry Earth, whilst Sparrow featured in Steven Moffat's Blink in 2007. The Series also welcomed new companion Zac Sykes, an investigator from the metropolitan police. They soon faced deadly enemies such as The Medieval Witch, The Egyptian Mummies and The Cybermen. Reccuring character Lady Christina also made several appearances throughout the run, first seen in Planet of the Dead. This series marks the departure of Zac and Nasreen.

Series Two Part One (2012 - 2013)Edit

Mrs Lockhart & The Devil's Kiss

Mrs Lockhart & The Devil's Kiss

After twelve months since 2011's finale Return of the Mondasions, Time Vortex returned for a second series, the first being released on the night of Halloween and entitled The Witches of Darkside in which we saw famous author Roald Dahl making an appearance. This new run featured the Eleventh Doctor along with Sally Sparrow, marking her second series as companion. They soon delved into more dangerous adventures including battling The Skeletals on the Orient Express and being trapped in a nightmare Gameshow. This half of the series marked the introduction of Sally's younger brother, Tom Sparrow. Mrs Lockhart & The Devil's Kiss also saw the first appearance of Yorkshire barmaid Georgia Lockhart, in which she played the Doctor's one-off companion.

Series Two Part Two (2013)Edit

The second half of the run has begun production, and will see the introduction of a new character.




Time Vortex has won the following awards

2011 DWO Fanfic Awards: Best New Series - Time Vortex

2012  DWO Fanfic Awards: Best Scriptwriter - BradDalek3012