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The Strange Creatures is a script and prose series on Doctor Who Online, created by Bradley Young (BradDalek3012) and starring the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant). The series is notable for featuring new original enemies such as The Psychons, The Mechanical Ravens and The Surrealist Monster. Zal Rowan (Lacey Turner) was the series long companion. 

Series One (2012)Edit

Series One was a seven-part script series and saw both the arrival and the departure of Zal Rowan, an alien mechanic from the Zulpan galaxy. Together, with the Tenth Doctor, they soon faced one of Salvador Dali's creations, The Surrealist Monster. After finding the key to defeation, the Doctor reunited with classic series companion Ace, in 90's Paris as they battled a fierce species of monsters in the Notre Damne. Sadly it all ended for Zal in The Heartless Asylum, the scariest episode of the series.

Series Two (2013)Edit

The second series is about to start production and will consist of three constellated episodes. For the first time in The Strange Creatures the prose format will be introduced and will follow the same format as the Series Four Specials with a new one-off companion per episode. The first story will be urban in tone and will see a mysterious woman working as a florist in Manchester, portrayed by Coronation Street actress Kate Ford.




  • DWO Fanfic Awards 2012 - Best New Series
The Strange Creatures
Current Doctor The Tenth Doctor
No of Series 2
No of Episodes 7 (List of episodes)
Created by Bradley Young
Past Companions Zal Rowan, Ace
Notable Enemies The Psychons