The Nethershades are a monster that featured in Doctor Who: The Further Adventures .


The Nethershades are an example of living shadows. Forming in vaguely a human shape, they appear to be a vacuum of light to observers. They are weakened by light of any kind and "banished" if the light is strong enough.

Story AppearancesEdit

They have appeared in one story to date in the episode "House of Shadows" in Series One. In this, they have created a base in the Haunted House at Mr Fandango's World of Adventures and were feeding off the visitors who went on the ride at first, and later once it was shut down they were forced to hire an accomplice to bring them victims. They were eventually defeated by a light emitting ornament that was given to an inquistive teenager by The Doctor.


  • In the televised story "Love and Monsters", Elton Pope's mother was killed by an Elemental Shade. It is possible that Nethershades are related or are a subset of these.