The Inspector
Lead Character The Inspector
Current Companion(s) Ofelia
First Episode Pilot
No of Series 2
Created by BigDocFan & Bonkersdrwhofan
Past Companions Oliver Clune
Notable Enemies The Soldier


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The Inspector is a series created byBigDocFan andBonkersdrwhofan in 2011. It has spanned two series so far with third currently in production. It currently features a Time Lady called the Inspector and a Spanish human teenager named Ofelia. It revolves around the travels of the Inspector and her human companions, solving mysteries and fighting injustice.  Most of the stories are written by either BigDocFan or bonkers or the two of them working together which has provided some strong stories but guest writers have been invited to write and several have accepted their offer. So far, only k9boy125 has had an Inspector story posted (The Failures of War, Letting Go) but BradDalek3012 and cybertrash have each written a story for Series 3 with Captain-Tybo down to write a story


Series One[]

Series 1 debuted with the Pilot episode, which featured the debut of the Inspector, her TARDIS and the Soldier, who would become her worst enemy.

Series Two[]

Series Three[]

Cast and Characters[]

Main Cast[]

Character Portrayed By Series
1 2 3
The Inspector N/A Main
Ofelia Cruz N/A Main
Oliver Clune N/A Main

Recurring Characters[]



The conception of The Inspector came in 2011 when plans were discussed on Doctor Who Online by BigDocFan and Bonkersdrwhofan over a possible project that they could work on together. The idea came from the series New Age: The Guardian, which provided inspiration for a Time Lord character aside from the Doctor. The two decided on a female and originally had a conception of two female child companions, though this was later changed to a male to balance the genders out. 


The Inspector and all characters featured in the series were not cast in an attempt by the creators to allow the readers to interpret the characters themsleves. There are no plans for casting either, however several suggestions have been put forward by readers.


Critical Reception[]


2012 Awards[]
  • Best Series
  • Best Original Monster/Villain: The Soldier

Broadcast History[]

Other Media[]


Due to the growing success of The Inspector, creators BigDocFan and Bonkersdrwhofan decided to launch a fanzine, which is currently running. 

Two issues have currently been released with more planned with regular features such as What Happened Next?, Oliver's Travels, Preview and Looking back.