"The Beginning" was the premiere episode of New Age: The Guardian. It introduced The Guardian (John Mclellan) and his soon to be companion Georgina Hagen. (portraying herself) It also brought back Sarah-Jane Smith and Luke Smith from the Whoniverse. The episode premiered in January 2010.


Georgina Hagen is a normal female performing Starlight Express in Germany. However her life is about to be turned around as a mysterious male known as The Guardian saves her from a loose light from the rafters. Who is this mysterious Guardian? What does Evil Mimic want with Georgina? And why are Sarah-Jane Smith and Luke Smith in Germany?


The beginning of January 2010, a new year, saw me wanting to create a series with a Timelord that wasn't The Doctor. I tweeted on twitter, obviously it's not Facebook, that I was wondering what I could call this Timelord and the DWO user Magicman92 gave me the brilliant idea of naming him "The Guardian." Simple and sweet. The episode was penned on January 3rd and was then posted the following day, January 4th starting The Guardian off on its journey.


"Evil Mimic" is a lighter version of a villain I had originally created for an original script I had been working on. Her motives were pretty simple and silly - She wanted Georgina Hagen gone because her voice was too powerful for Evil Mimic to replicate. A silly idea? Yes. That was the beginning of my writer 'career' so my ideas were pretty poor and I wish I had developed the character more and written more.

The character was portrayed by Sarah French, a stage actress.


John Mclellan as The Guardian

Georgina Hagen as Herself

Sarah French as Evil Mimic

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith

Tommy Knight as Luke Smith