Screwdriversonic, properly known as John Mclellan, was born on the 16th March 1995 in Scotland. He began writing scritps in 2010 and is still going while looking at a possible future in that media industry. He is the co-founder of Carluke High School's Thursday lunchtime radio show, Carlukeradio. He has written many series on DWO and has even written for others.

New Age: The GuardianEdit

This is Screwdriversonic's first proper series which features a new Timelord named The Guardian who was best friends with The Doctor on Gallifrey during childhood. For more information on the series click here.

Lost TimesEdit

This series began April 2011 as an alternate-universe series with Matt Smith portraying the 11th Doctor and Emma Watson portraying his new companion Heather West. Series 2 began February 2012 with Jason Isaacs portraying the 12th Doctor, Emma Watson as Heather West and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Sarah Sleeman. For more information on the series see here.


Vendettas is currently in its production stage for Series One. It stars Bill Nighy as The 13th Doctor & Chloe Grace Moretz as Kristin Barks. For more information click here.

Doctor Through the AgesEdit

This series has been commissioned thrice. The first time it was commissioned The 11th Doctor was plucked out of his timestream and teleported to a trial room where he was put on trial by his future, The Valeyard. However due to lack of writers for the episodes with the former Doctors the series was cancelled.

The second time it was commissioned The 11th Doctor and Amy travelled to a carnival where they found it was dedicated to The Doctor. After his other incarnations disappear in the carnvial the 11th Doctor suddenly disappears leaving Amy alone. Amy is then transported into a giant chess board, finding The Doctor there. The series was also going to feature Iris Wildthyme, created by Paul Magrs.

The third commission changed the direction of the series. It is now an anthology series for all 11 Doctors where it's up to the writer if they want to write it in prose or script form. Short stories are also accepted.

Little Boy LostEdit

This series began in October 2011 and had started off as a one-off Halloween special introducing a character named "Matt Gillan." The series featured The Doctor & River Song. However Amy and Rory did pop up at times. There were only five episodes, 1X one part, 2X 2 parts. The episodes received amazing reviews, being compared to Hitchcock-esque visulisation. The series ended with a cliffhanger that changed it all - River, Amy and Rory found The Doctor they saw die was a replica. The real one was taken by Madame Kovarian... A second series hasn't been confirmed so far.