Sally Sparrow, Portrayed by actress Carey Mulligan

Sally Sparrow is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and played by Carey Mulligan. On Doctor Who Online, she features in the series Time Vortex. Sally Sparrow was introduced to the series in 2007's Blink when she confronted the Weeping Angels. 


Sally was a photographer who enjoyed studying the past, explaining to Kathy how she liked old things because they made her feel "sad" albeit in a good way. From her first appearance her personality traits were quickly delved into, the viewer discovering how compassionate she was, an example of this was demonstrated when she stayed by Billy's bed until he died as a form of comfort. Sally also bagged a lot of bravery, carrying out the deed of returning the TARDIS to the Doctor, even if she had the menacing Weeping Angels in the way.

On Television[]

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Time Vortex[]

Sally Sparrow made a return in Earth Attack, quickly reacquainting with the Doctor as the Silurians attacked planet Earth. This is where the viewers discovered that Sally and Larry's friendship blossomed into romance as they were now an item. However, this relationship would quickly be sacrificed when Sally disappeared from the face of the earth, without a single footprint in sight. Her first trip in the TARDIS was in Medieval England when she and her fellow time travellers got caught up in the Medieval Witch's baneful plan, also coming across a twilight forest of living trees along the way. The Witch was soon defeated and the Doctor materalised his time machine to a beautiful planet surrounded by thick sand dunes. This tested Sally to the supreme when she got taken off course, however, she soon bumped into the Doctor's old acquaintance, Lady Christina (Planet of the Dead) and battled The Egyptian Mummies in the almighty two parter, using a red double decker bus as transport through the Space Tunnel 50. For Sally's third trip, she got caught up in the Battle for Bermuda, coming face-to-face with one of the Doctor's oldest enemies, the Ice Warriors.