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The Lost Times is an Alternate Universe series that featured The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), The 12th Doctor (Jason Isaacs), Heather West (Emma Watson) & Sarah Sleeman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). It was premiered April 2011 and ran for 2 series with the inclusion of old enemies such as The Daleks, The Valeyard and the Celestial Toymaker while new enemies such as Moriarty (a vampiric creature), Hystern (a grotesque creature), Ms Lerenge (an evil landlady) and more.

Series One (April 2011/September 2011 - October 2011)[]

Series One premiered April 2011 with "Lords Meet West". The episode sees The Doctor intervening in Heather West's (Watson) life after her boyfriend cheats on her with her bestfriend, Sarah Sleeman. (Winstead) The series featured The Daleks, The Valeyard, Moriarty & the Hystern. The Valeyard (Benedict Cumberbatch) & The Daleks featured as the big bads in the finale. The finale also saw The 11th Doctor's demise as he began to regenerate into the 12th incarnation after The Valeyard helped him escape.

Lost Times
Current Doctor 12th - Jason Isaacs
Current Companion(s) Heather West, Sarah Sleeman
No of Series 2
No of Episodes 18
Created by Screwdriversonic
Notable Enemies Daleks, The Valeyard, Hor & The Dark Mongers, Celestial Toymaker, Jay-Bu Dion
Episode Title Writer of Episode Production Code
Prequel Screwdriversonic 1.1
Lord Meets West Screwdriversonic 1.2
The Desert Planet (1/2) Swifty77 1.3
The Modhorian Cup (2/2) Swifty77 1.4
Birth of a Legend Screwdriversonic 1.5
The Unsinkable Ship Screwdriversonic 1.6
A Timelord's Trial (1/2) Screwdriversonic 1.7
Through the Ages (2/2) Screwdriversonic 1.8

Series Two (February 2012 - April 2012)[]

Series Two premiered February 2012 with "New Times", the episode where The 12th Doctor's Post Regeneration Stress comes into action. The series sees flashbacks to the Time War, devling into the mind of J.K Rowling, an evil landlady, The Celestial Toymaker's return, the influence of The Phantom of the Opera & an epic finale featuring Mel Gibson as a villain named "Jay-Bu Dion".

Episode Title Writer of Episode Production Code
New Times Screwdriversonic 2.1
Dark Ages (1/2) Screwdriversonic 2.2
Minds and Magic (2/2) Screwdriversonic 2.3
Eviction Rose Addict 2.4
Checkmate Screwdriversonic 2.5
Point of No Return (1/2) Screwdriversonic 2.6
Angel of Music (2/2) Screwdriversonic 2.7
The Worst Kidnaps in London Screwdriversonic 2.8
Calm Before the Storm (1/2) Screwdriversonic 2.9
The War of All Wars (2/2) Screwdriversonic 2.10

The Movie[]

The Lost Times Movie has been in development for a year and the first part of the script has been written. Whether or not it will be finished is debatable. However be on the lookout. Cast will include Jason Isaacs, Emma Watson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lee Ingleby, Lara Pulver and Louise Brealey. Their characters will be confirmed once the script has been written.

Recurring Characters[]

Character Portrayed by Series
1 2
The 11th Doctor Matt Smith Main
The 12th Doctor Jason Isaacs Main
Heather West Emma Watson Main Main
Sarah Sleeman Mary Elizabeth Winstead Guest Main
Lawrence Armstrong Andrew Lee Potts Guest


Character Portrayed by Series
1 2
Moriarty Ray Stevenson 1.4
The Valeyard Benedict Cumberbatch 1.6/1.7
The Daleks Barnaby Edwards (operator)/Nicholas Briggs 1.7
Hor Steven Buscemi 2.2/2.3
Ms Lerenge TBA