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Little Blue Box was an alternative universe fan fiction series published on Doctor Who Online between 2009 and 2010 and written by Jockie. During its three series, it featured the 10th and 11th Doctors, as well as companions Majenta Pryce, Amy Pond, P3TE and River Song.


A promotional picture for the third series of 'Little Blue Box'

Series One[]

Series One featured the 10th Doctor and companion Majenta Pryce.

Series Two[]

Series Two featured the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond.

Series Three[]

Series Three featured the 11th Doctor and companions P3TE and River Song.

Cast & Characters[]

Main Cast[]

Little Blue Box
Current Doctor The Tenth/Eleventh Doctors
No of Series 3
No of Episodes 25 (List of episodes)
Created by Jockie
Past Companions Majenta Pryce

Amy Pond, P3TE, River Song

Notable Enemies The Master, The Nameless Foe
Character Portrayed By Series
1 2 3
The Tenth Doctor David Tennant Main
Majenta Pryce N/A Main
The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smih Main
Amy Pond Karen Gillan Main
P3TE Anthony Daniels Main
River Song Alex Kingston Main



The series was first announced on 21st February 2009 and was first created to fill the gap between television episodes 'The Next Doctor' and 'Planet of the Dead'. It was based on the highly successful Doctor Who Magazine comic strips featuring the 10th Doctor and alien companion Majenta Pryce.


Critical Reception[]

Series One received mixed to positive reviews upon first publication and involved a smaller readership than later series. It was described as 'consistently good' by one reviewer. Series Two, posted a year later, secured more readers and was described as 'a huge success'. Six months later, Series Three was released and received largely positive reviews. One reader said it was 'one of the best Series on DWO by far'.


The series won 'Best Pre-Titles Sequence' and 'Best One Liner' respectively in the 2009 Fan Fiction Awards. In 2010, it was awarded with 'Best Monster/Enemy', 'Best Individual Script' and 'Best Series'.