Heather West is portrayed by Emma Watson and is a companion of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor in the series The Lost Times. The character was created by Screwdriversonic and has featured Series One and Two, joined by Sarah Sleeman in the latter series.


When she was a child Heather's parents separated resulting in her Mother and her moving to America while her father stayed in England. From then Heather had issues with trusting people, especially new people. However the first day she met Sarah Sleeman, her best friend, and Lawrence Armstrong, her boyfriend, those issues seemed like a distant memory to her. It did take a while for her and Lawrence to build up a proper relationship with one another. In 2020 Heather graduated from a University in America with a diploma in English teaching. Her trust issues returned when she found out her best friend and boyfriend had been seeing each other behind her back. The Doctor attempted to save her the pain by changing time and showing Heather the cheating at its inception so she wasn't as broken as what she was. However this back fired causing Heather to move to Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the places where she had no memories of being hurt. Moving to Scotland was the best option Heather had. For this was when she met The Doctor for the first time in the newly created Timeline that had been created due to The Doctor's interference.


Even though she has had trust issues in the past, The Doctor moulded Heather into a person who trusted more easily. She is geeky yet can still have a good time. Her feelings of relationships and love were messed around for her after her boyfriend cheated on her. She never looked at anyone with those feelings for a considerable amount of time until her best friend came back into her life. Heather is a feisty character and it would be wrong for an enemy of The Doctor's to capture her as she can easily defend herself after traveling with the Timelord for so long. She is also one of the nicest people anyone would ever have the privilege to meet. The Doctor sees a lot of good in her from the very beginning.

Through the process of being cheated on and hurt, plus the trust issues, Heather finds a love in her best friend, Sarah. The way it happens isn't explained properly, but true love doesn't need to be explained. It's what her, Sarah and The Doctor believe. Love never needs to be explained.

Personal InformationEdit

Heather West
Lost Times
Portrayed by Emma Watson
Duration 2011-2012
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Created by Screwdriversonic
Nickname(s) Hez
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 20