Jayma Mays who portrays Emma Andrews

Emma Carter is a character in Doctor Who: The Further Adventures . She is the sister of The Doctor's companion Laura Andrews. She is portrayed by the actress Jayma Mays


After the death of her father, she helped raise her younger sister, Laura with her mother. When her mother got into a relationship and quickly married a new man, it caused a rift in the family as Laura despised their mother for moving on too quickly. Ever since Emma has had to act as a mediator, though she also disapproves she is at least happy for their mother. Emma is married to Tony Carter .


Emma appeared briefly at the start of the second series episode "Indira" when Laura called her. Her first full appearance, in which she met The Doctor, came in the 2011 Christmas Special "The Iceman Cometh" where she, with her husband, hosted Christmas dinner for Laura, The Doctor, Zach, Ed and Neil Morrison.


  • Laura Andrews, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, got her surname from Jayma's character in Heroes, Charlie Andrews before Emma had even been conceptualised.
  • Her first time is directly taken from her character in Glee, Emma Pilsbury.
  • Her husband, Tony, is played by Neil Patrick Harris. This is not the first time Jayma and Neil have been a couple on screen, this has happened in The Smurfs. Jayma has also guested on How I Met Your Mother with Neil, and Neil has guested on Glee, but not as a couple.