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Doctor Who: The Further Adventures is a fan fiction series that takes place between the broadcasted episodes The  Next Doctor and Planet of the Dead. There have been two series and two specials posted to date with a third in production. The current team consists of The Tenth Doctor, Zachary Morrison and Laura Andrews 


Series One[]

TFA Series 1 team: The Doctor and Martha Jones

Series One featured the return of former companion Martha Jones to the TARDIS. Together, with the Doctor, they faced off against foes such as The Sontarans and The Trickster along with new enemies including The Nethershades . She left again following the tragic events in The Zygon Masterplan. 

Series Two[]

After the New Year's Special: Countdown to Destruction with Secret Agent Lana Summers , Series Two began properly with 2.1: Infestation and featured the introduction of two new companions: Laura Andrews and Zachary Morrison. Their adventures have taken them to the Gold Rush, up Alaskan mountains and through a mind bending hotel. During the series, the trio have encountered The Krillitanes, history's most famous mobster Al Capone and the return of The Cybermen.

Series Three[]

A third series of The Further Adventures has been confirmed and will continue with the companions Zach and Laura.

Cast and Characters[]

Main Cast[]

Doctor Who: The Further Adventures
Current Doctor The Tenth Doctor
No of Series 3
No of Episodes 29 (List of episodes)
Created by Amazingchi
Past Companions Martha Jones

Lana Summers

Notable Enemies Nethershades
Character Portrayed By Series
1 2 3
The Tenth Doctor David Tennant Main
Martha Jones Freema Agyeman Main
Zachary Morrison Nicholas D'Agosto Main
Laura Andrews Mary Elizabeth Winstead Main

Recurring Characters[]



The series was created in an attempt to fill the gap in Martha's timeline between her appearances in Journey's End and The End of Time. Once that was achieved in Series One, it allowed The Doctor to be joined by original companions.



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