{{#if:| Darryl Stockton is a companion of Sarah Jane Smith.

Tyger Drew Honey who portrays Darryl Stockton


Darryl is a strong, brave, and witty character. He has been known to have an unorthodox approach to dealing with enemies - and is a good fighter; having pursued kick boxing as a hobby in the past. Darryl can sometimes be unintentionally rude to people, and say things that may insult others - however he generally get's on with people.

Relationship with Sarah Jane[]

Darryl gets on well with Sarah Jane - however they can often disagree on an ethical point of view. Darryl and Sarah Jane had a big argument in The Last Christmas, where he felt as if she kept treating him as a kid - and that Darryl wanted to be considered an adult. Darryl appreciates all that Sarah Jane has done for him though, and loves the adventures he has with her and the team.

Near Death Experience[]

Darryl was shot at by a Phay in To The States, this led to him having to go to hospital - and sent him into a coma; this led to him rethinking his life, and made him more determined to move on and pursue his own career.


Darryl lives with his Gran, Ethel Stockton- after his Mum died of cancer a few years ago. Darryl loves his Gran, and is slightly protective over her. Darryl also has a father Frank Stockton - who is a soldier in the military; he will be introduced in Series 6 of the series.


Darryl is happy to defend the earth, but it doesn't mean he wants to do it forever. Darryl has choices to make, and demons to confront. Will Darryl manage to overcome his own personal battles in the end?

Darryl Stockton
Portrayed by Tyger Drew Honey
Duration 2011-
First appearance 3.11 The Lady In White
Last appearance 6.6 Battle Cry
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Created by Captain-Tybo & Jockie
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 20