Callum Blue who portrays Daniel Burton

Daniel Burton is a character that features in Doctor Who: The Further Adventures . To date he has appeared in two episodes.


Daniel Burton was born and raised in England.

First Encounter[]

Daniel was working with the British Order Agency (BOA) when his path crossed with The Doctor's in Countdown to Destruction. An item called the Polodian Helix was stolen from one of their facilities and Burton was sent to reclaim it. Whilst doing so, thanks to The Doctor, he discovered the Helix's true nature and decided to help The Doctor and Lana Summers instead.

Second Encounter[]

After parting with The Doctor that night, he joined UNIT with Lana Summers. Some time later he found himself as part of a select group of operatives that also included Ed Morrison chosen to tackle a trip up an Alaskan mountain in the episode "The Raven". The Doctor along with his new companions, Zachary Morrison and Laura Andrews, also ended up on trip too. He reunited with The Doctor and told him how he saw that it wasn't just Britain that needed saving to which The Doctor approved and together, with the rest of the squad managed to oust the traitor in their midst.