Crash Landing
Doctor Who: The Further Adventures episode
The Doctor and Martha reunite.
Series 1, Episode 1
Air date March 22, 2010
Written by Amazingchi
Production Code 1.1
Guest Starring
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- The Stone of Wonder
 Crash Landing is the first episode of the first series of the Fan Fiction series Doctor Who: The Further Adventures, aired on 22 March 2010. It was written by executive producer Amazingchi.




  • The episode reintroduces former companion Martha Jones to the TARDIS, her last meeting with the Doctor prior to this being Journey's End.
  • The Doctor is delighted the spaceship didn't crash into London for a change. This happens repeated in the televised series, notably in Aliens of London.
  • Upon meeting the Doctor, Martha states that she's been spending time with fellow ex-companion Sarah Jane Smith since the events of Journey's End.
  • The spaceship is mauve, which is the universal colour for danger, previously mentioned in the Ninth Doctor episode The Empty Child (in which the ship also crashed in London).
  • Martha apologises again for her mother slapping him in The Lazarus Experiment.
  • The Doctor makes a reference to the The Genesis Ark, the prison ship featured in the episodes Army of Ghosts and Doomsday.
  • The Doctor declares that UNIT will probably clear the mess up.
  • The Doctor tells Martha about what happened to Donna in the aftermath of Journey's End.
  • After which he asks Martha "So, just one trip?", which is what he promised her the first time she was brought aboard the TARDIS.


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