{{#if:| Bethany Smythe (Hughes) is a fanfic character from the series AOALT. She is a former companion of Sarah Jane Smith, and now lives with her husband Kyle Smythe; where she looks after son Paul Smythe, and prepares for the birth of her second child.

Demi Lovato who portrays Bethany Smythe-Hughes


Bethany is a bubbly, fun, and mature character. She is very easy to get along with, and shares a special bond with Sarah Jane. Bethany loves Kyle and would do anything for him. She also has a feisty side, as seen in The Silver Knight when she pointed a gun at the Antorac. Bethany initially relied on Kyle to save her, but developed to become a strong, independent woman in her own right.

Childhood & Meeting Kyle[]

Bethany lived on Rylox, with her father Anthony Hughes - a scientist. Bethany was an only child, and often found herself to be quite lonely - with her father always preoccupied with his own research and experiments. One day Bethany met Kyle - a traveler from the stars, and immediately fell in love with him; together they defeated an alien threat at the Tower of Riscalia, and left Rylox to travel together.

Death, Resurrection & Marriage[]

After several years of exploring the universe, Bethany was killed in a battle at The Fields of Vandint. Bethany was later resurrected by Kyle - after he had been authorized by The Seekers; a powerful alien guardian race. Bethany later returned to earth with Kyle, where they continued their adventures with Sarah Jane Smith.

Kyle later proposed to Bethany, and they got married (The Lady In White).

Baby Paul[]

Bethany give birth to a baby Paul Smythe (Baby) on Christmas Eve, 2011. Bethany nearly didn't get to the hospital in time, as an alien creature The Shadow had threatened to bring misery and despair upon mankind.

Returning Home[]

After leaving Bannerman Road with Kyle - a few months after her father Anthony died on her homeworld Rylox. Bethany went to the funeral along with her husband Kyle, Sarah Jane, and her companions Sky and Darryl. Bethany was soon placed into a trap where a Jaex Ethos - had planned to kill her, to get revenge against her Dad for his experiments that destroyed the planet.


Bethany is currently preparing to give birth to a baby daughter - and will continue to have adventures every so often. We haven't seen the last of her!

Bethany Smythe
Portrayed by Demi Lovato
Duration 2009-
First appearance 2.6 Coalition of the Curator
Cause/Reason {{{cause}}}
Created by Captain-Tybo
Species Ryloxian [Humanoid]
Gender Female
Age 24