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Area 51 is an upcoming script series set in Nevada, Utah in the year 1969. The series stars Mark Sheppard as Canton Everett Delaware III alongside his team of scientists, soldiers and medics - as they investigate and explore new forms of alien lifeforms, aswell as enforcing a strict code of secrecy. 


Series OneEdit

10 Episodes were commissioned by Tybo in June 2013. This includes a Pilot episode, an Eight Part Series, and a Christmas Special. The Pilot will air in August 2013. Whilst the series will start on Friday 4th October and conclude on Friday 22nd November. The Christmas special is slated for a Monday 23rd December release.

Series TwoEdit

Cast And CharactersEdit

Main CastEdit

Canton Everett Delaware III - Mark Sheppard

Jemma Simmons - Natalie Martinez

Dougie Thompson - Ben Barnes

Grace Fletcher - Meagan Good

Professor John Newman - Richard Gere 

Sandra Cruz - Dina Meyer (Series 2)

Cory Murphy - Colombus Short (Series 2)

Recurring CharactersEdit

The Director - Tim Robbins

President Nixon - Stuart Milligan 





Critical ReceptionEdit


Broadcast HistoryEdit


Area 51
Lead Character Canton Everrett Delware III
Current Companion(s) John Newman, Jennifer Simmons, Dougie Thompson, Grace Fletcher
First Episode 1.1X The First Secret
Last Episode -
No of Series 1 (2nd Confirmed for 2014)
No of Episodes 10 (To be aired in 2013)
Created by Tybo & Gabbie